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When we have a staff party at another bar



Karaoke bar anyone? haha


Sherilyn Fenn

#fbf christmas time! #family #flashbackfriday @uncle_polar_bear

#fbf 2 year old me at a fancy dress party as an old man. #flashbackfriday #oldman #family

These are the Icelandic Yule Lads.

Instead of Santa Claus, us Icelanders have these thirteen men. Thirteen nights before Christmas they come to town and give children who have been ´nice´ a little gift in their shoe (which they´ve put out into the windowsill), if the kids are ´naughty´ they get a potato in their shoe.

So tonight, Gully Hawk arrived to give all the kids their shoe present. And at the hotel that I´m working at, I pretended to be Gully Hawk and went around and hung little bags full of goodies for each and every guest at the hotel.


finally uni has finished for the year…HOLIDAYS

Interviewer: I don’t want to burst your bubble, but you do know about Santa. You know the secret about Santa? [x]

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Cat’s are assholes

they’re the most amazing beings on this planet!

baka neko.

baka neko.

love her.

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