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Had the crazy realisation today that I am indeed living in Japan for a year!
Blew my mind.

true story brahs


Had the crazy realisation today that I am indeed living in Japan for a year!

Blew my mind.

true story brahs

Favorite People ► Kit Harington

Mr Dreamy!

More minor characters for Wheel of Time (this will be the last batch)…this wasn’t thought through very well….just slapped some ideas together.

From top to bottom, left to right:
(some Aes Sedai first)
Sheriam played by Julianne Moore
Liandrin played by Charlize Theron
Galina played by Ginnifer Goodwyn
Alviarin played by Gwyneth Paltrow
Myrelle played by Jessica Alba
Berelain played by Gemma Arterton

Rhadam Asunawa played by Christopher Lee
Pedron Niall played by Clint Eastwood
Jaichim Carridin played by Timothy Olyphant
Eamon Valda played by Rufus Sewell

Sorilea played by Jamie Lee Curtis
Sevanna played by Christina Hendricks
Couladin played by Kevin McKidd
Gaul played by Sam Heughan
Chiad played by Karen Gillan
Bain played by Lily Cole

Finally some Forsaken ideas for the Wheel of Time casting.

From top to bottom, left to right:
Balthamel/Aran´gar/Halima played by Eva Green
Lanfear played by Olivia Wilde
Moghedien played by Krysten Ritter
Mesaana played by Marion Cotillard
Semirhage played by Zoe Saldana
Graendal played by Scarlet Johansson

Demandred played by Julian McMahon
Moridin (formerly Ishmael) played by Joe Manganiello
Asmodean played by Joseph Fiennes
Sammael played by Sean Bean
Ishmael/Ba’alzamon played by Mark Strong
Be’lal played by John Slattery
Rahvin played by Benjamin Bratt
Aginor/Osan’gar/Corlan Dashiva played by Dominic Monaghan

More Wheel of Time ideas (just playing around, I like thinking about these things haha).

From top to bottom, left to right:
Elaida A’Roihan played by Marcia Cross
Verin Mathwin played by Melissa McCarthy
Alanna Mosvani played by Femke Janssen
Amys played by Cate Blanchett
Melaine played by Jessica Chastain
Bair played by Vanessa Redgrave

Morgase Trakand played by Nicole Kidman
Faile Bashere played by Lea Michele
Tuon Paendrag played by Lupita Nyong’o
Loial played by Robbie Coltrane
Juilin Sandar played by Naveen Andrews
Padan Fain played by Adrien Brody
Logain Ablar played by Diego Boneta
Mazrim Taim played by Cillian Murphy

UPDATE//I’ve revamped it with new choices, see below:

So I’ve been reading the series Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and I was really interested in who could play the characters in an adapted movie\tv series.

These are mostly based of the looks of the characters more than the talent of the actors.

From top to bottom, left to right:
Moraine Damodred played by Kate Beckinsale
Nynaeve Al’Meara played by Evangeline Lilly
Egwene Al’Vere played by Nina Dobrev
Aviendha played by Deborah Ann Woll
Elayne Trakand played by Jennifer Lawrence
Min (Elmindreda) Farshaw played by Alexis Bledel Shailene Woodley

Rand Al’Thor played by Alex Pettyfer
al’Lan Mandragoran played by Jon Hamm
Matrim Cauthon played by Jonathan Jackson
Perrin Aybara played by Kit Harington Henry Cavill
Thom Merrilin played by Sam Elliott
Rhuarc played by Michael Fassbender

Siuan Sanche played by Emily Blunt
Leane Sharif played by Rosario Dawson
Birgitte Silverbow played by Diane Kruger
Gareth Bryne played by Russell Crowe
Gawyn Trakand played by Hunter Parrish Chord Overstreet
Galadedrid Damodred played by Tom Wisdom

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Emily Browning - Sweet Dreams

Ben Wyatt: Human Disaster

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